• No-money down
  • Immediate savings
  • Free assessment
  • Fast Installation
  • Lifetime Support
  • Affordable leasing


* Currently available in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Find out if solar is right for you

American households are coming to understand the real value of converting to solar. It is time you considered the facts.

Solar energy production grew by more than 400% in the US last year.

The US commitment to solar is accelerating. The cost of solar panels has dropped dramatically and the resulting savings are being realized by tens of thousands of homeowners across the country. We encourage you to meet with one of our consultants to understand the benefits.

No-money down leases are available to support your conversion.

Liberty Utilities Energy Solutions is able to offer homeowners leasing terms that will allow you to realize the benefits of solar right away. Book a free consultation and we will show you how to reduce your monthly electricity bill today.

Solar energy provides certainty and peace of mind for generations.

Installing solar in your home will deliver 20 years of clean, affordable power – maintenance free. At the same time, you will be contributing to the reduction in CO2 emissions in your community. Attend one of our Summer Solar Events and find out how easy it is for your family to make the switch.

The savings are in your pocket, not just on paper.

The fact is that the combined cost of your solar lease and reduced monthly power bill will be less than your current monthly electricity bill. That is cash directly in your pocket. Whether you come to one of our events or book a private consultation we will show you how you can start saving today.

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